New poetry collection: You Engraved Torah in My Eyes


You Engraved Torah in My Eyes

Amal’s new poetry collection, You Engraved Torah in My Eyes, has just been published. The collection follows Amal’s tradition of expertly mixing art and politics to speak a powerful message which will resonate for generations.

A new narrative and a daring step towards a serious interfaith dialogue between Islam and Judaism, You Engraved Torah in My Eyes continues Amal’s tradition of expertly blending art and politics to engage a serious message. The poetry seeks to encourage the art & culture of public apology, a process which begins with this apology to Iraqi Jews for the wrongdoing done to them by the Iraqi state, especially since the exodus of the 1950’s onwards.

Professor Shmuel Moreh, Iraqi Jew and professor at the Hebrew Universality of Jerusalem: “This book is a new conquest in the modern Arabic poetry”

Dr Moza Ghabaash, academic and critic from the UAE endorses Amal’s book.حفرتَ-التوراة-في-عيني

Date of Publication: 2016

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